Yellow Dog Scheme

Romney Marsh Dog Training Club


In an ideal world our dogs would get on with every dog they meet and a lot of our training is to make sure they are indeed confident enough to cope with almost every situation they may meet.


The reality however is often very different. For most of us our dog's sociability is usually somewhere in between loving other dogs and hating the sight of them but even the most socialiable dogs may have periods when they need a little space. After an accident, recovering from illness for example. Rehoming a rescue dog often comes with sociability problems and until you've had a chance to work on their problems a yellow ribbon would give your dog the space it needs to feel safe.


If you meet a dog wearing a yellow ribbon or bandana when out on your walks give them a little space. At the end of the day you and your dog benefit too. A dog needing a larger than usual space will more quickly learn to tolerate other dogs etc around them it they are not crowded and stressed every time they venture out. You and your dog get to enjoy a walk without being lunged or snapped at . It takes time to train a dog. Puppies and young dogs are often over eager and dogs of all shapes and sizes can be nervous for a variety of reasons, and not just of other dogs! They may be fearful of children, loud noises, bikes.......the list is endless. Be a responsible dog owner - see a yellow ribbon or bandana and give a little extra space.

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